Managed Service Providers –The Latest Trends



Having a full-fledged in-house IT department is not something every business can afford. At the same time hiring a traditional break-fix service cannot be the perfect solution to this problem. Not only will this increase your costs, it can also lead to problems like data loss, damaged hardware and so on.

Many businesses today are looking at offloading their IT operations to MSPs or Managed Service Providers. If you want your network to be maintained 24/7 and serviced in a pro-active manner, you must think of jumping on to the bandwagon of choosing a Managed Service Provider.

What exactly is MSP?

A Managed Service Provider takes on the job of monitoring your IT network 24/7, looking for any problems and resolving them before they affect your network in a negative way. They charge a flat rateon a monthly basis, depending on the type of the number of devices and the types of services you want to be included. They offer different packages for you to choose from.

An MSP could cost much lesser than a traditional break-fix service. While some of them might charge an extra fee to visit your site, there are many who remotely monitor and maintain your network at all times, preventing major issues before they even crop up.

What to look for when choosing a Managed Service Provider?

With many managed service providers emerging, a few of them have started providing pro-active services by adopting latest trends in order to gain a competitive edge in the market. One such trend is Cloud migration. Your data and your applications will be migrated to the cloud in phases so that you can slowly get used to it. It will be possible to move out of this any time later.

While making things easier for the MSP to monitor your network any time and from anywhere, this will also make it much faster for you to access your data and applications.Another such trend is operational intelligence. Many MSPs have started coming up with sophisticated tools of Operating intelligence to offer maximum efficiency at reduced costs.

Another IT related problem that most businesses face is accidental data loss and system failures. With many people connecting their preferred devices to their workplace networks, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep the network secure and free from viruses, Trojans, worms, malware and spyware. While antivirus software could help to certain extent, there is a need for pro-active management of security by anticipating problems that might occur. Hence many MSPs today provide security and disaster solutions. They back up data regularly, monitor the network for any symptoms of malware attacks, provide safe remote connectivity and update patches on a regular basis so as to avoid any disasters.

Niche Software Solutions Inc is one such MSP that adopts advanced technology tools and techniques to offer best-in-class managed services to all kinds of businesses. We work with our clients to understand their requirements thoroughly and give them exactly what they need by customizing our services. We believe in keeping you free from worries and taking over your IT operations so that you can use your precious time to expand and improve your business.

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