IOS Development


iOS Development course is designed in such a fashion that beginners will be able to grasp the fundamental concepts as well asmaster the advanced concepts used to develop iOS apps. The complete curriculum extensively covers all the topics required to gain an expertise in iOS Development.

This course comprehensively explains updated version of XCode and iOS7 SDK to build competency in learners and help them excel in the area of iOS. In addition to this, our instructors will be assigning real time projects which will equip you with required skills, and will make you market ready. It will enable the learners to develop feature-rich applications in iOS platform.

Course Prerequisites

  • Basic understanding of variables, functions, loops, and objects
  • PC with i3 or equivalent processor & at least 4GB RAM for practicing app devel
  • An internet connection of at least 1MBPS
  • Microphone and Webcam

Project & Certification Process:

Towards the end of the course, the instructor will allot you real-time project to have a clear understanding of how to conceptualize and implement the real-world application. The instructor will provide constant support and assist you in completing the project assignment.

On successful completion of this assignment, it will be reviewed by instructor and you will be awarded a certificate with performance based grading. After the instructor's review, if your project is not approved, then we will be providing you with extra assistance for any queries/doubts and let you reattempt it free of cost.

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Course Outline:

Session 1 - Introduction to Objective C and Xcode

  • Introduction to iPhone development, iPhone SDK and Xcode
  • Introduction to Objective C – part 1
  • Introduction to Objective C – part 2
  • Making your first iPhone App

Session 2 - Cocoa Touch and MVC in iOS

  • Interface Builder, iPhone Simulator and Debugger
  • Creating IBOUTLETS and IBACTIONS and providing connections
  • Properties, Protocols and Categories in Cocoa
  • Important Cocoa classes and Frame works
  • Basic Interaction handling – A touch app in iPhone
  • Understanding MVC architecture

Session 3 - Controls and Gestures in iOS

  • Introduction to Controls
  • Advance Controls in iPhone
  • UISegmented Controls and UIActivityIndicator
  • Understanding views and view hierarchy(super class and subclass)
  • Handling Gesture and swipe - UITouch , UI Responder and UIEvent Class

Session 4 - Controllers and Memory Management in iOS

  • Understanding View Controllers in detail
  • Working with Switch, Slider, Buttons and UIBarButtonItems
  • Understanding Page Controls and Scroll Views

Session 5 – Advance Controllers programming in iOS

  • Creating the use of Tab bars and Tab bar controllers
  • Understanding Custom Pickers and Date picker
  • Working with Progress view, UIImageView animations and text view
  • Working with Web view, Alert view and Popover controllers in iPad

Session 6 - Introduction to Table View in iOS

  • Understanding Navigation Controller in iPhone
  • Working with Table view and mixed content
  • Grouped, Grid View, indexed and dynamic table view
  • Custom Table view, Advanced Table view and Other operations in Table view

Session 7 - Persistence in iOS

  • File handling in iPhone(Directory and file creations, saving and retrieval of data)
  • Using SQLlite in iPhone
  • Working with Persistence using property list.
  • Understanding the use of Accelerometer

Session 8 - Advance Graphics and Touch in iOS

  • Introduction to quartz – using colors, polygon lines and curves
  • Understanding Map Views , Core Location, Current Location and MKAnnotations .
  • Using Multitouch – Explain responder chain

Session 9 - Multimedia and internationalization in iOS

  • Playing back sound, audio and video in iPhone
  • Making camera and picking images in iPhone

Session 10 - Advance features in iOS

  • Using Twitter on iPhone
  • Integrating Social apps in to iPhone/iPad apps
  • Push Notifications and Local Notifications

Session 11 – Web Services and Parsers in IOS

  • Rest Full Service
  • Rest Less Service
  • Soap Service using XML Parser
  • JSON Parser

Session 12 - Quality assurance in iOS Application

  • Debugging the App and finding Memory leaks
  • Performance tuning of an Application
  • Debugging in Xcode

Session 13 – Submitting iOS Application to App Store

  • 1.Creating Provisioning profile
  • 2.Key Chain Access
  • 3.Accessing device UDID
  • 4.Launching the App in the APP store

Session 14 – Introduction to Swift language with iOS8

  • Basic setup & Introduction to Xcode 6 ios8
  • Creating apps for ios8
  • Create UI responsive design for iPHone 5, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus compatibility
  • Swift language introduction